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Earthbound - Praha - Zbraslav, Czech Repulbic

Welcome, welcome to our website. Finaly an english presentation of Czech melodic-progressive (hopefully) metal band. Feel free to download our music and leave your opinion! (if the guestbook is working:).

Rotten in the grave we are all equal!!!
We were, we are, and forever we will be EARTHBOUND!!!!

25th of November
It seams nothing is going on, but we are working on one song and hopefully it will be finished very soon so we can play it live! Only I can tell that it is about 8 minutes long so far..hell of a work to learn:)
2nd of October
Since there was a visitor from outside of Czech Republic I realized that I have not updated the english version ever since it was launched. So what is new?
We are looking for a keyboardist to complement the line-up. So, enyone out there in english speaking world? I do not expect anyone to fly for the rehersals though:)
Today is the gig at Matrix held. Czech rock-alternative band Poslední kapka (if translated - Last Drop).
Martin Smrák has a new bass 5 string Spector. Hopefully he will use all of them soon:).
Keep coming to our website! Leave some messages in the guestbook please! As soon as there is some new record we will upload it for you to download!
Guestbook works again...hope the spambots wont bypass my ingenious protection..In the proper field type numbers tree, six and nine..well that is my programming peak-performance
Guestbook is working now. Feel free to leave a message:)
I have started to work on english version. I assume that today might work media, lytrics...maybe a bit of Martin's bio..shit it is long story I will just leave the summary:)